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More About Heather

Certified Christian Life Coach

for Special Needs Families

I am an Advocate

In addition to being a life coach for the disabled and special needs communities, I have always been primarily an advocate and voice for my special needs daughter.  When she was in school, I appealed for then non-existent services on her behalf and won.  As she grew older and being out in crowded public places became much more difficult, I wrote a booklet entitled "Disrupting the Church with Special Needs Kids" to bring awareness to the religious community about the need for inclusion.  Also, when my daughter and her high school class were discriminated against at a local Pizza Hut, I spoke out about the injustice they endured and the need for the community to join me in taking a stand for them.

Most recently, I was able to acquire a Caroline's Cart for our local Walmart, which led to securing ten additional carts for all of the stores in our region.

I am an Activist

I have been on the news multiple times highlighting the need for increased awareness about and resources for the disabled and special needs community.

You can watch the Pizza Hut story here.

You can watch the Caroline's Cart story here.

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I am a

I am a Community Activation Team leadership member and volunteer for the SynGAP Research Fund which funds the research for a treatment and cure for my daughter's disorder.

I have a Facebook page dedicated to my daughter that I frequently share updates about her on called "Disrupting the Village."

I am a

I firmly believe in the power of advocacy, community, and storytelling, for they are what bring awareness to the unknown and make the impossible, possible!
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