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Meet Heather

Certified Christian Life Coach

for Special Needs Families

I am blessed.  I am a Christian wife and mother of four kids, one of whom has a rare genetic neurological disorder called SynGap1.  I have spent the last 22 years as a caregiver and advocate for my special needs daughter and am living my dream of helping others as a life coach for exceptional families within the special needs community.

I have an A.S. degree in General Studies and am pursuing my B.S. degree in Psychology.

I am a West Regional Policy and Planning Council Member with the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) and am also a Partners in Policymaking Leadership Institute scholar for the state of Tennessee with the Council on Developmental Disabilities who works closely with both entities in ensuring equal opportunities for the disabled.

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Life Coaching Workshop

As a mother of an adult special needs daughter and a life coach dedicated to helping families like mine, I have over two decades of experience and can guarantee you that I understand where you are coming from and can help you get to where you want to be!

Although this workshop focuses on caregivers of members within the disabled and special needs community, the content speaks to anyone who might be struggling in their current situation, looking for direction in their life, or simply just needing some encouragement to reach their goals and realize their full potential!


So, if you would like to learn more about my methods and if life coaching is right for you, submit your request for access to my free workshop now!

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I Can Help

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Reach your Goals

Overcome Obstacles

Live the Life of your Dreams

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Stephenie B.,
Special Needs Mom

"As a caregiver to a loved one with special needs, I have been stuck in ways that other coaches and therapists couldn’t help me with. In fact, dealing with anyone who doesn’t understand the exceptional situations families like ours find themselves in, made me even more alienated, ashamed, hopeless, and estranged from my goals, dreams, and self-care. Working with Heather has changed all of this for me. She has all the legitimate tools for crushing it at life that anyone would need, such as business and marketing expertise, psychological strategies to coach, and listening deeply. She is able to see core issues quickly, plus that added experience of being a caregiver, navigating the system, and all that comes with that. I thank God I found Heather every day! She’s an inspiration to us all.


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Monica E.,
ASD Mom of 2

"Heather is a consummate professional and a credible source of information in the world of caregiving. This workshop is packed with helpful nuggets of wisdom from her life-learned and formal experiences as she effortlessly connects and identifies areas in everyday life for a change of mindset.  

I especially enjoyed how she creatively shed light on the spaces often dimmed by our own perspectives and ways of thinking. 

I would recommend every special needs parent take the time to participate in this workshop. You will leave feeling more informed, refreshed, and empowered to be better and to think more outside of the box. I left feeling like I have more opportunities than I realize to be creative and innovative in caring for my two special needs sons and definitely for myself and my spouse. There is definitely space for WINS for goals for all of us. Thanks to Heather, I am consciously thinking of how to incorporate that space incrementally into my everyday demands. Caregivers can experience life to its fullness with the right planning, perspective, and practice. 

Image by Markus Spiske

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